born in 1980, lives and works in Bucharest, Romania

october 24, 2008 - Zarea / Made in Republica Moldova / Apartamentul 17, Bucharest. An independent exhibition space created by the exhibiting artists hosted works that were produced in Chisinau / Republic of Moldova during the Interventii3 project.

september 2008 - Interventii 3 / Chisinau, Republic of Moldova, organized by Oberliht Association. Project for interventions in public space, between 19-29th of September, finalized with a series of collaborations with other artists.

august 9, 2008 - Ten demolished houses / galeria 29, Bucharest. My first personal exhibition in Romania, in the home gallery I set up in the living room of my apartment.

june 2008 - Destination Metelkova / SCCA - Center for Contemporary Art, Ljubljana , Slovenia. One month residency at the end of which the opening of my first personal exhibition took place in the Alkatraz Gallery.

april / may 2008 - Artists-in-residence-program / Zavod Celeia - Center for Contemporary Arts, Celje, Slovenia. Participated in the Vstop Prost / Admission Free festival for art in public space.

march 2008 - Post for Kyrgyzstan / Kyrgyz National Museum for Fine Arts. Sent one fragment from the House of the People in Bucharest Romania to Kyrgyzstan by mail, for a mail-art exhibition.

january 2008 – Re_play / on the site of the ruined foundation of a Communist building between the National Library, The Commerce Chamber, and Unirii Boulevard, Bucharest, Romania. Three young artists occupied for a short period of time an abandoned space, that became an exhibition space for one day. Their works re-considered the meanings of local objects, stories and habits. Elena Ciobanu, Mircea Nicolae and Tudor Prisacariu organized and exhibited their works.

november 2007 – Back to the future / Galeria Noua, Bucharest, Romania. The exhibition placed together artists whose works investigated the Romanian social-cultural context from a historic perspective. Anca Benera, Daniel Gontz, Cezar Lazarescu, Vlad Nanca, Mircea Nicolae, Dragos Platon, Tudor Prisacariu, Sonokolor (Ciprian Dicu si Sergiu Doroftei) participated with their works. Curator: Vlad Nanca.

october 2007 - DIY Ambient Intelligence Workshop / Altart Foundation, Cluj, Romania. Held by Michel van Dartel and Simon de Bakker from the V2 team - Institute for Unstable Media. The participants used Arduino boards and Velleman kits in order to create and control an environment that was responsive to the human presence.

august 2007 - Binarium - Urban Aquarium / Altart Foundation, Cluj, Romania. A group of artists were invited to develop projects linked to the real and virtual life of the city of Sibiu, the Cultural Capital of Europe for the year 2007. They were also asked to make public space interventions in the same city. Invited artists: plankton (AT), Szabó Kriszta (RO), Mircea Nicolae (RO). Curatori: Istvan Szakats, Stefan Tiron.