82 / 11 - possible interventions - elections

I could have chosen one of the PSD + PC candidates for the parliamentary elections of 2008 and modify his advertising materials so that it would look like he is a member of the competing party - PD - L - and then distribute the advertising materials on the street. The production of 100 lighters with the party logo on them, along with 100 flyers (12 cm x 12 cm printed in color on both sides) would have reached a total of 130 Euros.

I finance what I do from my own pocket money, and in this case I chose to keep it for something worthwhile. The intervention would have been a reaction to the childish battle between the two main competing parties for the elections of November 30, 2008. During the street advertising campaign period, PSD + PC stole the slogan and the logo of the competing party - PD - L - and used a modified version to promote its own candidates, until the Central Electoral Bureau decided that this was illegal. More here.