60. calea victoriei

Three outfits of my former lover (bathrobe, nightgown, trousers and blouse) displayed in the window of a deserted shop on Calea Victoriei, one of the main roads in the city. Black and white paint on plastic panel signboard (3,65 x 0,85 m), black and white paint on window frames. Printed text on sheets of paper, telling the story of each outfit and its personal relevance. Romanian wording on the signboard ('hainele iubitei' = 'my lover's clothes') and on the shop door ('inchis' = 'closed').

The work took three full days to prepare (scraping posters off the windows, cleaning the windows, painting the signboard and the window frames, hanging the outfits on cardboard holders).

It only lasted for half an hour in its final state, due to the fact that I was caught by the guards of the building. I was then turned in to the police, along with a friend who helped finalize the work and we both had to pay a fine. More here.