After two years of urban exploration, I left behind the deserted industrial sites that often resemble a film set from a Science-Fiction movie, in order to concentrate my attention on the interior of deserted houses furnished with old and used objects. Moreover, I began to intervene on some of the places I discovered. I always start from the powerful sensation that such a place has on me and I try to discern its meaning concentrated in the objects, the light or the trajectories present in the given space.

I like the natural way in which graffiti artists take over every kind of surface, although I do not usually paint with spray, but with brushes. The poetry of different materials attracts me, as well as found photos do, or the obvious meanings of places and objects that I try to enhance to the point where they become surprising. I often use the handwritten calligraphy of Communist warning signs, which lies somewhere between ridiculous improvisation and serious design.

Each thing I do bears a number, because I intend to make only 100 interventions. Sometimes I use the inherent qualities of different materials that communicate their meaning directly in a manner I use as such, but there are times when I also try to deal with my emotional history. In my work I am used to making comments about the feeling of discouragement that is very present in the urban environment where I live and even at a general level in my country, that seems to be overwhelmed by an illusive and oppressing feeling of impotence and lack of perspective.